The Zvjezdice girls’ choir has once again lived up to its fine reputation as an exceptionally well-nurtured vocal ensemble, which has enriched and ennobled the concert of the Rucner String Quartet titled Spring.
(Višnja Požgaj, 2014)

“………. this time, too, the Zagreb Zvjezdice have shone…”
(B. Britten: The War Requiem, 2013)

“………..under the vigilant eye of maestro Šljivac, we underwent a sublime and unforgettable experience. The choir achieved a homogeneous sound within its groups as well as coherence in total, also successfully managing all musical parameters – clear articulation, intonation, phrasing and dynamic contrasting…
(A Day with the Zvjezdice -2013- Josip Magdić)

“The Zvjezdice girls’ voices transformed the radiant sounds of cosmic music into incredible images that could be seen through the mind’s ear. The audience was amazed, to say the least – at both the composer’s imagination and the choir’s unparalleled vocal discipline and virtuosity.

By mimicking their celestial sisters (which they were named after), little stars that twinkle even when hidden to the eye, the Zvjezdice have kept the fire of extraordinary music burning for 25 years, passing it from one generation to another and carrying it in their hearts and souls craving for beauty.”
Branimir Pofuk, (2004, 2010)

Every encounter with Zvjezdice is truly marvelous and unique…
Nuša Hauser, “Glas Istre”

The girls` voices of the Zvjezdice transformed these rays of cosmic music into incredible images perceived by the ear and eye alike. The audience was, to put it mildly, astounded by the composer’s imagination, and even more by the supreme vocal discipline and virtuosity with which maestro Šljivac and his Zvjezdice transformed “Orion, Venus, Andromeda” into the sound and image…
Branimir Pofuk, “Jutarnji list”

This magnificent girls’ choir sings just perfectly, thanks to the skill and artistry of its director, Zdravko Šljivac. This ensemble could and should become one of the best examples of the highest achievements in Zagreb musical life. The Zvjezdice choir has a long and secure future ahead of them.
Jagoda Martinčević, “Večernji list”

The Zvjezdice are undoubtedly the highest-quality children’s ensemble we have heard at the Šibenik Festival during the last twenty summers. These singing Zagreb girls perform works by Croatian and foreign composers alike. They begin in pianissimo, achieve brilliant heights in fortissimo, and then nearly vanish again into pianissimo. In works rarely performed by children’s choirs, their phrasing was flawless and intonation perfect.
Zrinka Mikuličin, “Slobodna Dalmacija”

The charm of natural musicality that characterizes this children’s choir should be credited, first and foremost, to its ambitious young conductor. The girls of the Zvjezdice choir filled us with enthusiasm.
Bosiljka Perić-Kempf, “Vjesnik”

The choir presented itself in the best possible light: refined voices of balanced color and sound, careful articulation, clear diction and precise intonation.
Višnja Požgaj, “Croatian Radio”

Truly touched by the beauty of this choir’s voices, the listeners gave the young girls and their conductor a long warm ovation. It was an unforgettable concert.
Unsigned review of a concert in Aubigné Racan, France

Shining Little Stars: After this performance in the Prince’s Court, even the most demanding critic would praise their level of artistry. From the voice projection to every detail of vocal technique, the choir mastered it all astonishingly well. The audience gave the young singers and their conductor Zdravko Šljivac a long ovation.
Ileana Grazio, “Dubrovački list” / “Vjesnik”

(…) The Zvjezdice Choir was brilliant in the full-sounding forte passages, as well as in the soft pianos. The girls sang without the scores, clearly having been excellently coached by the choir’s founder, Zdravko Šljivac.
Nenad Turkalj, “Vjesnik” (18. ožujka 2005.)

The brilliant Zvjezdice…
Maja Stanetti, “Večernji list”